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We advise and assist our clients, - companies and associations -, in the various areas that affect the very existence of their structure or its evolution, up to its possible liquidation. We also assist managers in their various obligations and advise shareholders.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Advice on the creation of legal entities (companies, associations, Belgian branches of foreign companies, etc.);

  • Advice to founders (shareholding structure, remuneration);

  • Amendments and adaptations of articles of association;

  • Structures of groups of companies;

  • Shareholders' agreements;

  • Corporate compliance, corporate governance & corporate housekeeping (documentation for holding general meetings, reports of the board of directors, etc.);

  • Investments in other structures and exits (SPA, joint venture, etc.);

  • Capital increases and reductions;

  • Restructuring of groups of companies (M&A, mergers, demergers, contributions of branches of activity, etc.) including tax aspects;

  • Shareholder relations (including possible conflicts);

  • Voluntary or judicial liquidation;

  • Etc…


Jennifer Santos Avocates Lexena Waterloo

Jennifer Santos

Companies & Associations



Olivia Sebayobe

Companies & Associations
Commercial & Distribution

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