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We advise companies and individuals at all stages of the employment relationship, from negotiation to the end of the contract. We also represent you in the context of disputes that may arise both between employer and worker and between the latter and third parties (Social Inspection, ONSS, ONEM, etc.)


Whether you are an employer, a manager, a worker, we assist you in the following areas in particular:  


  • Recruitment;

  • Negotiations and optimisation of remuneration (managers and employees);

  • Salary policy: Alternative remuneration and bonuses;

  • Employment agreements and amendments;

  • Employment regulations, policies and other documents;

  • Termination of the employment contract;

  • Workplace well-being / Psychosocial risk management;

  • Discrimination;

  • Harassment;

  • Data protection and privacy;

  • Unfair competition;

  • Leave and disability;

  • Occupational injury/illness;

  • Restructuring and transfer of companies;

  • Negotiations with trade unions;

  • Functioning of the Works Council and the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work;

  • Social Audit; 

  • Social inspection and social criminal law;

  • Etc.


Romina Murru Avocate Lexena Waterloo

Romina Murru

Labour & Social Security

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