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Commercial agreements (sales contracts, service contracts, general terms and conditions, confidentiality agreements, subcontracting, etc.)


We advise a wide range of clients, active in many fields, from local companies to large multinational groups:

  • Negotiation, drafting and review of commercial and industrial agreements

  • Advice on the interpretation and execution of agreements

  • Dispute reslution, preferably by amicable agreement, and, where this is compromised, in court or arbitration proceedings

  • Audit of strategic contracts

  • International contractual strategy

  • Training in contract law

To facilitate the handling of international cases, we have created an informal network of law firms in Europe with which we work, some of them for many years. 

We are also members of the International Distribution Institute (IDI) which has experts in more than 90 countries.

Distribution - Supplier-distributor relations

We advise manufacturers, importers and distributors to translate their distribution project into legal terms. This includes in particular:

  • The choice of contract (concession, agency, franchise), its drafting and negotiation

  • Monitoring its execution when one of the parties does not respect its commitments (territorial exclusivity, sales targets, etc.)

  • The terms of its termination, the stakes of which in the event of a dispute are often very high (notice period, customer indemnity, repossession of stocks, etc.).


Advertising – Promotional operations – Market practices

Whether in B2B or B2C, Belgian law requires compliance with numerous rules in commercial matters, which are essentially aimed at protecting the weaker party, avoiding abuses or sanctioning unfair practices between companies. We intervene in particular in matters of:

  • Pricing practices: sales, resales at a loss, price reductions, price displays, etc.

  • Promotional operations: competitions, lotteries, games of chance, joint sales, etc.

  • Misleading advertising

  • Comparative advertising

  • Customer poaching

  • Dispute resolution, preferably by amicable agreement, and, when this proves to be compromised, in the context of legal proceedings, including summary proceedings.



Sandrine Kinart

Commercial & Distribution
Intellectual creations
Privacy & IT

Lexena_Portrait_JDP_Magali Vandenbossche_edited.png

Magali Vandenbossche

Commercial & Distribution


Olivia Sebayobe

Companies & Associations
Commercial & Distribution


Laurie Caucheteux

Commercial & Distribution

Intellectual creations

Real estate

Privacy & IT

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