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The purpose of intellectual property is to protect the creations of the mind. These are multiple and invite themselves at the heart of a company's activity but also in the life and activity of everyone and in particular via the Internet (music, works of art, photos, books, brands, domain names, etc). 

Our team is mainly active in the following areas: copyright, trademark and design law, database law and trade secrets.

In particular, we assist our clients with:

  • Legal, practical and strategic advice;

  • The negotiation and drafting of useful contracts (transfer of rights, license, publishing, GTC, etc.)

  • The choice and registration of their trademarks and distinctive signs;

  • Valuation and management of their portfolio;

  • Etc.



Sandrine Kinart

Commercial & Distribution
Intellectual creation
Privacy & IT


Laurie Caucheteux

Commercial & Distribution

Intellectual creation

Real estate

Privacy & IT

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